Caratteristiche centralina e sensori per acquisizione dati - Stazione di FERMIGNANO
Immagine Componente Modello Caratteristiche
cr510.jpg (4843 byte) Centralina CR-510 Campbell Basic datalogger. Number of channels: 2 differential or 4 single-ended, individually configured; Size: (21.3 cm x 3.8 cm x 9.9 cm; Weight: 425 g.
sc32a.jpg (2837 byte) Interfaccia SC32A - RS232 Interface Campbell Optoisolata. Operating temperature -25 C to +50 C. Size/Weight: 130 x 60 x 25mm, 0.1 kg
Network Link Interface NL100 Campbell MANUALE
mp103a.jpg (80914 byte) Temperatura e umidit MP103A Rotronic + SS2 schermo a ventilazione naturale Environmental Power: 4.8..30VDC - Op. range: 0..100% RH -40 +60 C - Out H: 0-100% 0-1V - Out T: -40 +60 C 0-1V
vaisala.jpg (23700 byte) Pressione PTB101B Vaisala Analog barometer. Operating range: 600 mB to 1060 mB (hPa); Temperature range: -40C to +60C; Humidity range: non-condensing; Size: 59mm x 97mm x 21mm; Weight: 130 g.
arg100.jpg (37906 byte) Precipitazione ARG100 Environmental Aerodynamic raingauge. Funnel diameter: 254 mm; Overall height 340 mm; Tip sensitivity: standard setting 0.20 mm of rain per tip. Output: contact closure at tip; Cable 10 m; Weight 1.0 Kg
Direzione e forza del Vento WINDSONIC4 Campbell MANUALE

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